cooking instructionS
  1. Food is cooked Tandoori style on Skewers.
  2. Impaled food should be spaced along Skewers with gaps left in between to allow even passage of heat.
  3. Load Skewers to within 10cm of the tip and up to the joint. A small onion could be used as a 'stop' to help prevent items of food from sliding off.
  4. The Skewers are now lowered vertically into the oven, with the tips resting on the Hot Coals and their handles protruding from the top.
  5. The Skewers can now be left unattended whilst the cooking process takes place.
  1. Allow just 6 minutes for 1inch cubes of chicken or meat, longer if you prefer more charring to occur. Vegetables, Fish, Shellfish and fruits all take considerably less time and can be cooked to your own liking.
  2. When the outside of the food is cooked to your liking, your Nipoori Ovens unique cooking process will ensure that the inside is cooked also.

    Operating Instructions